Friday, May 02, 2008

Android Vs. OpenMoko

While microsoft is continuing to annoy users with enforcing new Vista OS for PC, which sucks big time. Other players are clearly seeing future in Mobile phone. While Apple iPhone is clearly the winner currently, Google has launched Android and has got a lot of media attention, even though the first working phone is not available yet. Though Trolltech's Qtopia GreenPhone and Openmoko could not get such the media attention, but they are worth mentioning.
Future of GreenPhone doesn't look so green to me, but Openmoko will go a long way. They have recently open sourced the CAD files for NEO handset. So with Openmoko you can pretty much create your own cell phone. While this sound good for geeks, it might not be so attractive for end users. A normal consumer would want a well finish product, and some branding too. Here Android has a unfair advantage over Openmoko.
With $10 million prize tag, Android is bound to get lot of innovation from developer community. So innovation, Google Brand, backing of Open Handset Alliance may well get Android platform way ahead of competition. But it will be interesting to see how Apple reacts to Android challenge. I don't have much expectations form Windows Mobile and Symbian.

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